Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baby bonnets

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We have almost finished our first full week of school. It has gone well and I'll have more to say about that later. I can't tell you how many times I've told Joe, "It's alot.", regarding how full my days are managing 3 littles with 4 in school. There really aren't even words for the chaos and the constant multitasking. I needed to clear my mind and heart, so I stayed up late last night sewing a couple of bonnets, one for Laynee and one for Hazel. This was something I wanted to do for me, that I enjoy doing. The only way to find time was to make time. Being that I'm not a morning person, I can't even put two words together for 30 minutes after waking, I opted to stay up late.
I haven't gotten the chance to take pictures with my Canon of Laynee in her bonnet yet, but it'll happen. Tonight, I was just glad to get these of Hazel while she slept. It's crazy that she is 7 weeks already. She must have hit a growth spurt because today was the first day I've noticed her sleeping through day feedings. Tomorrow she goes for her 1 month well visit and Laynee goes for her 2 year.
My Grandma Hamilton bought this sewing machine after her first child was born. She sewed many quilts and countless clothes for her 10 children with it. I really don't have words for what it meant to sew a bonnet for Laynee Kathleen, her great granddaughter and namesake, with it tonight. The seams may not be as straight as they could be on a newer machine but they are the most special seams I have ever sewn. Mothering 7 kids is demanding and leaves so little time for myself. Tonight I left dirty dishes in the sink so that I could do something simply because I wanted to do it. I wonder if Grandma ever sat down to sew when she had a house full of littles because it made her happy or if it was always another thing that must be done. I find great inspiration in knowing that she too did the things that must be done, that she survived. Not only survived but lived a beautiful life made from day after day of doing the things no one sees until it's years later. Last week was Grandma's 92nd birthday, her 3rd one in heaven. Our big ole family of aunts, uncles and cousins, used to always get together and make sure it was special and she felt loved. I miss those gatherings, I miss her content and joyful self. I miss her asking about my life and her always being eager to hold my newest baby. I miss her. I'm sure she would've loved to know she was thought about and continues to be cherished, even in simple things like crooked seams. #legacy #domesticsewingmachine #layneekathleen #motherhoodinspiration
A photo posted by Miranda (@sippycupsandfingerprints) on
A photo posted by Miranda (@sippycupsandfingerprints) on

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LayneeBoo Two!

LayneeBoo turned 2! Was it really 2 years ago since her marathon arrival into this world? Oh my heart, this girl is such a sweetheart I love her! She may not be the baby in the family anymore but my heart still feels like she is my baby, I just have 2 babies now.
Her birthday was really simple. I wanted to get her something I thought she would truly like, not just play with and discard like most things. The only staples Laynee loves are her paci and blankets. She likes stuffed animals, so I bought her a super soft bunny hoping maybe it'll become a favorite and eventually ease the loss of her paci when I muster up the courage to take it away from her. She is extremely attached to her paci..
We all grinned ear to ear as she opened Bunny. She took him out and looked at him, then just wrapped her arms around him and snuggled him under her chin. She has been carrying him around and sleeping with him. I know it's not really important to most people, but this momma wanted to get her something she would truly enjoy and I wouldn't regret spending money on. So far, he is worth the money. :)
This next year has many big changes coming her way, how many changes she has made since a year ago. I know how much she is going to grow up, saying new words, getting rid of paci, becoming more independent and hopefully getting potty trained. I guess that's why I love this in between age so much, not a baby but not far from one either. She still loves to snuggle, loves to nap, boo-boos are easy fixes and aside from a few additional messes, she is so easy to love.
I can't get enough of her crinkly nosed grins, of her big toothy smiles, of her little red curls, of her saying "Happy Birthday" in her little high voice, of her puffy, soft cheeks or of her blanket addiction where one is never enough.

The morning of Laynee's birthday, I saw this picture on my Instagram and was trying to think if Brady and Laynee have the kind of relationship we expected. He was so loving to her when she was in my belly and anxious to meet her. Later that morning, he gave Laynee a card he had made for her and little brush he'd found around the house. She loves brushing her hair. He was the only one of all the kids to make her a card or give her a gift. All of the kids have special and different relationships with each other. Everyone pretty much dotes on Laynee, Joseph is her go to for most things, they have a really special bond. I can see that Anne and Laynee are becoming bigger buddies everyday, Laynee watches what she does and plays right along. 

This was Laynee's first year helping make her birthday cake. She was a bit confused about the big bowl of cake mix on her high chair tray but liked tasting it and pouring in the liquids. Since Laynee loves jelly beans, {calls them "beans"}it seemed completely reasonable to put them on her cake. And, lets be honest, super easy, my style in cake decorating.

Happy birthday Laynee Boo, I couldn't love you anymore! We are so proud of our sweet girl. Watching you grow is one my greatest joys in life. I'm grateful for 6th babies and everyday single day you are in it. XoXo

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hazel One month old

I'm grateful for these first weeks of Hazel's life beginning during summer break. No school and Joe home for days! God is so gracious to give me the time to focus on her and myself while all of us adjust to life with a new baby, without the added responsibility and weight of homeschooling just yet. Things are feeling more adjusted and continually easing into our new normal. The newborn stage is becoming less demanding and I'm feeling more rested. The first couple weeks of postpartum felt as always precious and daunting, it's amazing how much strength and energy I have regained.
I'm also incredibly grateful for such a sweet-spirited and contented baby. Hazel rarely cries. Crying is always for good reason and as soon as she is picked up she stops crying instantly. She sleeps anywhere are 5-9 hr stretches at night more often than not. I still wake up tired many mornings but tired from newborn life is completely different and better than pregnancy tiredness. I do. not. miss. pregnancy aches and pains, sleepless nights, blood sugar checks and weekly doctor appointments. I don't miss not being able to bend over, not able to sleep on my belly, not being able to take Motrin and many other pregnancy ailments. It feels good to hold my baby girl and know that we made it! SO thankful to be through it and enjoy this beautiful gift.
Hazel hasn't been to the doctor for her one month appointment yet, but she sure has grown. I know how fast babies change and still it just floors me how quickly she is growing. I'm daily having to suppress any feelings of sadness and appreciate the gift of her growing.
School starts next week and I'm soaking in every last second of having Joe home to help, sleeping in later, not having to think about teaching reading, correcting spelling, explaining grammar, checking sloppy work and dealing with the attitudes and messes school adds to our lives. I was excited about the new school year until I pulled out all the books and suddenly the mountain of mess on my table overwhelmed all excitement. It's taken me 2 days to sort through and organize 4 grades, mostly completely from my lack of motivation, but it's finally stacked neatly and the pencils are sharpened. I'm feeling a little of the excitement coming back. More than anything, I'm praying for patience for this huge task before me and that the Lord will bless our effort.