Sunday, August 17, 2008

All the work it takes to play...

Psalm 20:4
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

This weekend we decided to take the kids to the playground at a school up the street. This was just another one of our family outings. I thought you might like to know how a "normal" family outing goes.
We arrived and the kids enthusism was underwhelming!! The playground was so big and tall that it scared them. Despite Joe and I trying to encourage and reassure them, they refused to play. I was really disappointed because I was so looking forward to watching them have fun. They soon spotted the swings, a favorite. Joe pushed Bethany and Joseph while I tended to Jenna. At this point, things were going well and we thought our trip to play was going to prove meaningful.
Joseph soon decided he was finished swinging and was ready to get off. Joe helped him down and he walked right in front of Bethany. He fell to the ground, I helped him up and his nose was bleeding everywhere!! We wiped him up the best we could with his shirt and I decided I would take him home to get a new shirt. I took him and Jenna both to the car. I stood in the parking lot washing crying Joseph down with baby wipes, at the same time Jenna was screaming because it was past time to eat!! I came home, threw Joseph's shirt in the sink, ran upstairs and grabbed a Thomas shirt, (his favorite) jumped back in the car with the screaming, whaling children and went back to the school!
On my way, I saw there was a play area on the side of the school for preschoolers. It was fenced in and had the neatest little play area for our kids! There was a playhouse, castle, jungle gym, and a colorful playground. We picked up Joe and Bethany and unloaded there. Joe and I collapsed on the ground where I fed Jenna.
Bethany and Joseph LOVED it!! This was the perfect place for the kids to play because it was fenced in and everything was age appropriate. We are so excited to find such a great place right in our neighborhood. We are already planning our next trip! Joe and I are talking about taking a blanket and chairs. Maybe next time it will go smoother.


Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

hey miranda!!
great blog. you have inspired me to start one for hayden. Your photos are great. i love to check out your posts. what an awesome writer you are! hope everyone is doing well. check us out at

Miranda said...

Hey Dana,
Thanks for the comment. It is so cool that you started a blog. I love blogging! It is really fun. Hayden is SO cute! He really is adorable. Thanks for letting me know you have a blog I'll definantly keep up with it!