Monday, August 4, 2008

Hungry Boy

I guess you could say this is a follow up post, from my “Refrigerator Raider” post. This morning at 5:52am Joseph opened our bedroom door and said, “Dada, I need you to open my tweet tarts.” I woke up with a jump, worried to death about how long he had been wondering around the house scrimmaging for candy!! He had gone downstairs into the kitchen, opened the diaper bag and gotten the candy out. This was our first experience with something like this happening. I have to say it is really scary! I hope this is only a one time thing.

Of course, my being a mean mother, I took the candy from him and tucked him back in bed! He cried for a few minutes, saying “I need my tweet tarts!!”

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shining image said...

Joseph, He is a growing boy! He needs his food! I am afraid that is one trait he inherited from his Papaw Brady. He was also nicknamed "The Refrigerator Raider"
Joseph, I am so excited you and Sissy are coming to Mamma's house to spend the night! I went to the grocery this morning. We are going to make "Power Balls"
I love you! Mamma