Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photo Shoot ME

Have you ever tried to take pictures of 3 children under 3? Well, today was my lucky day! I was prepared, packed and ready. I dressed the kids, loaded them and the blankets into the wagon...ten minutes later we were back in the house!
What a nightmare!! A 3 year old who gets an attitude everytime I suggest we do anything, a 2 year old boy who has no concept of what "look at me" means, and a 3 month old I was praying wouldn't get trampled, elbowed or sideswiped between them.
Maybe after these pictures age a few years they will be cute!?! But today they are not the shots I was looking forward to getting!
Ahhh, motherhood, I love it!


The De Witts said...

Miranda!!! Great try girl. I think you and I can relate so well to eachother. Also nice addition of Mighty To Save. I just bought tickets to take Bryan to the Hillsong concert in Chicago!! I am pretty excited. Anyway, keep the photos coming.
Love, Micky

shining image said...

Miranda, I love all the pictures. You seem to capture all of life's little moments, all of the different attitudes, the ups and downs, the smiles, the frowns, (on those cute little faces) Thanks for sharing them with us. I think we can all relate. But they look so cute on them!
A wise woman kept telling me when mime were your children's ages...
"They are precious momemts" And with time... They ARE! Luv, Mom