Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bedtime and laundry baskets

Tonight is the first night Jenna has slept in Bethany's room. It's always a weird, empty feeling the first night my babies sleep in their own rooms. I have such torn emotions, after a few nights I know I will feel more comfortable and start to like it. Makes me feel like I have my own space. But tonight I will miss Jenna's little noises and the comfort of having her close.
I told Bethany, I'd come get Jenna when she wakes up hungry tonight and I'd just keep her in my room until the morning. Bethany was so excited to have Jenna sleeping in her room. She said, "Mommy, how about you come get Jenna when she wakes up hungry, and feed her, and then you bring her back to my room!?!" Bethany can't understand why Jenna can't sleep in her bed. She said she would hold her so she won't fall out!
I think it is really sweet how much Bethany is looking forward to having Jenna in her room. I remember when my sister, Carrie, started sharing my room. I was really happy then too. I was just as happy to be rid of her 11 years later!! I know, you were pleased to see me gone too! I love you Carrie. I guess that's why I have a soft spot tonight for Bethany and Jenna. All the memories they will have!
I am curious to see how this will go. I have never had two children in one room. I am worried about the them waking each other up. I have a pack 'n play in my room, in case it is a complete disaster.

Before bedtime I stuck a laundry basket full of folded clothes in Joseph's room. I was too tired to put it all away. I didn't want it tormenting me all night, so I put it where I wouldn't have to see it and feel guilty!
I went upstairs a little while later and there sat the basket of clothes in the hallway! Joseph had pushed it out of his room. I laughed, it was so funny! He didn't want to look at it either!


carrie brady said...

Sissy, I love you too. Thanks for all the years of sharing your room with me. There were good and bad times together. lol

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

Too funny about the laundry basket. I have been known to do the same but it's usually unfolded and Hayden can't get out of his crib to push it out either.