Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Pictures

My sister took these sweet pictures of our kids yesterday. She has just started her own business. If you would like her to take pictures for you check out her blog.


Devon said...

i love them! so precious. I hope you're feeling better.

Ruth Ann said...


Carrie took some really sweet pictures of your children!! (and you have some beautiful children for her to photograph!) I was a student with Carrie at IPS, and I really had a great time being around her and getting to know her. I'm sure that she loves practicing her photography on her nieces & nephew. I keep on checking her blog and looking for any email from her, so I came over here and see proof that she is alive!! *grins* So I'll try to be patient a bit longer. :) It was definitely sad to part our ways after getting to know each other.

Take Care & God Bless you!

~ Ruth Ann

Miranda said...

Hey Ruth Ann,
So sweet to of you comment. I'll tell Carrie you are looking for her. She told me about you, so I knew who you were when I got your comment. I'll have to check out your blog. Don't you love blogging?!


Ruth Ann said...

well actually, I don't have a blog, you can view my profile though. I think I would LOVE blogging...I love looking at other people's blogs. Ever since I got back from IPS I've wanted to ask my daddy if I could start a blog. So hopefully maybe Lord willing soon...

thanks for the comment back, that was sweet of you!!

~ Ruth Ann