Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mother, wife and hairstylist

People ask us all the time how we can afford to have 3 children. I never know how to answer this question. There are so many ways I could tell them we save money. Either by shopping at Aldi or going without a second car. Not that we live so poorly, I am continually amazed at the blessings God gives us. He provides so much. Often, I even forget what we live without things or how we save money, because I get used to life being this way. It just seems normal, the way it has always been. The "sacrifices" we make are so worth having our children. That is why it is so easy.
One way, I save money is cutting Joseph hair. He had 2 haircuts at a salon and I decided real fast that wasn't going to last. $12 to get his hair cut! It grows so fast, we were paying at least once a month.
I have been cutting his hair for over a year now. With Joe's critiquing and a good pair of clippers, I'm improving my hair cutting skills. I started out cutting it little by little in case I goofed it up. I figured I could always have it fixed if I messed it up too bad.
Although I have improved cutting hair, Joseph had not improved getting his hair cut. When I mentioned that I was going give him a haircut today, he locked himself in our bedroom. I threatened and counted and he wouldn't unlock it. By the time I unlocked the door and carried him to the front porch he was hysterical. He was holding his head in his hands, while I fastening his cape. Which he later ripped off! He called it, "That sangs my haircut sweater."
He screamed the entire time, with his mouth open, which means he had a mouthful of hair. Promises of a bath and Popsicles did not faze the wailing. By this point I was convinced, and am still worried, that my neighbors will call Child Protective Services.
I did get the job finished. Joseph didn't stop crying until I turned Oswald on after his bath. I don't feel like such a bad mother, because he would've acted the same way at a salon.
I saved myself strangers stares, humiliation and $12 plus, a tip.

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shining image said...

No wonder he was screaming! If i was a little boy and had to wear that pink "haircut sweater" with lipstick and make-up all over it I would protest too. LOL