Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pineapple Head

Proverbs 17:22

A cheerful heart is good medicine.

This past Sunday, we arrived at church and found out that Bethany and Joseph would be staying with us for the service, instead of going to nursery and preschool. It was fifth Sunday and we have family worship on those Sunday's. Bethany was really disappointed because she loves preschool. Like I have mentioned before, we kinda use it as a reward and punishment. It is the only thing that we have found she cares enough about. She can be VERY stubborn and strong willed.

So even Joe and I felt really bad for her when we walked in and she was so disappointed. She had been obeying and had been told all week she was going to get to go. Even that morning we used it to get her dressed. She sat through the service with her head down and pouted for awhile. Our worship leader, Matt, sang a cute song about the fruit of the Spirit. He had all the kids come to the front and act it out. Bethany would have none of it! She never laughed or even acted like she was paying attention.

Bethany was playing in the basement today and all of the sudden started singing, "The fruit of the spirits not a pineapple!" Joseph and her started laughing hysterically. She continued to sing, "The fruit of the spirit's not a Georgia Peach!" They both laughed and laughed. She said, "Matt is so funny!" She kept singing it over and over. She was so tickled she couldn't sing it anymore and said, "Hang on just a minute, I've got to calm down a little bit!" I was shocked when she started singing it because she was in such a bad mood on Sunday. She hadn't mentioned anything about it for two days.

At supper tonight I had her sing it for Joe. It was just as cute as it was earlier in the day. I had to post this, it is priceless. As Joe always says, "Matt you rock!"

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