Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy we missed you!

Joe worked on a roof for extra money today. I decided the kids and I would get out of the house and enjoy our Saturday. We went to story time at Barnes and Noble. Bethany and Joseph both love story time. Today our friend Carl read the story and they both liked him alot. The book was really cool and Bethany thought it was funny. I finally remembered my camera and took a few pictures of them.

Bethany has been in desperate need of pants. Partly because she has grown but mostly because I hadn't been able to find any pants that fit her good. She has a big waist and short legs, according to how all the pants are made. Target, Old Navy, Gap, everywhere I look the jeans are long and skinny. I hadn't looked at Kohl's so we went there today. I was thrilled to find a pair of really cute jeans. They have an elastic waist and wide legs, best of all they aren't low riders!! This link doesn't do them justice, they are much cuter in person.

While we were at Kohl's we made a potty stop in their family restroom. I love it when we can use these kinds of restrooms. More room for everyone and they are usually cleaner because less people use them. Bethany and Joseph thought this little potty was the coolest thing. Bethany was cheering Joseph on to try it out. She said, "Yeah, Buddy, go ahead and use it. Let me see!! Isn't it cool!!" As you can tell, he was proud of himself!

We blew up the air mattress tonight so that they could watch a movie with Daddy when he came home. Since they took long naps, I let them stay up late. It's been a fun but long day. Joe didn't get home until after 9. We all missed him very much. Saturday's without him just aren't the same, no matter how fun I try to make them!!

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