Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Molly came to visit

It's been a busy day. I ran errands with the kids today. We started out with free breakfast at Chick-fil-a. Every Wednesday until 10:30am, thru the end of the year, they have one breakfast entree free. Today was Chicken Biscuits and they were delicious!!
We made a stop at the bank, the police department (to pick up an accident report), returned overdue books to the library, went to story hour at Barnes and Noble, (although, I don't know why it is called story hour! I think it lasted 8 minutes!) We went to Walmart, then to the body shop got an estimate for our car, then to the mall to play.

A busy day, but a good one. I made $10 today. Apparently, you have to pay $5 to get a copy of an accident report. Well, when the lady saw that I only had $3 cash she didn't charge me. I offered to use my debit card but she said no. Honestly, I think she felt sorry for me when she saw I had toted 3 kids in with me. I have found people are much nicer when I appear to be a helpless mom. Not that I am trying to appear helpless. I hate the thought that I might look like someone to be pitied, but I also realize there are alot to nice strangers that care enough to help me. It surprises me how many people get the door for us.

We were at Starbucks and Bethany decided to break out her ballerina move. As cute as this sounds, she bumped into Joseph, who bumped into a shelf of coffee, who hurt his back and who caused bags of specialty coffee to fall on the floor. A nice cowboy, (yes, a cowboy) came to help him up and a manager picked up the coffee. Now, sometimes I have had others help me and I feel like they view me as a crazy woman for having 3 children, and having 3 children in public by myself. These gentlemen were very kind.
I had another such moment in Walmart. Bethany was walking beside the cart. She was wearing flip flops and the wheel of the cart ran over her heel. Okay, so I ran over her heel! Ouch! I know how bad that hurt. We created quite the scene there, so much that a manager came over to see if she was okay.

Oh, and the other $5 came when I returned sunglasses, among other things, to Walmart. I just bought the sunglasses last night. The lady couldn't find them on my receipt anywhere, it was really long. So I said I'd just give them back. She said it was fine and gave me the $5 for them anyway.

Tonight I took the kids outside to play. Joe was watching his Dodgers playoff game. When we were walking up to the house from a walk Bethany said, "Mommy, there's a kitty!" This friendly little cat played and played with Bethany and Joseph. I fed him some tuna because he looked very hungry. Bethany said, "Some people don't feed the cat, but we do because we are nice people!" :) She was overcome with pity and love for the thing and was sweet talking him like she'd had a pet forever. Then came the dreaded words, "Mommy, can we keep him?" I told her she'd have to ask Daddy. Secretly, Daddy said yes, if he sticks around.
We have always said, we have enough children to feed and tend to, no pets for a LONG time. I begged for a cat when I was young, got a cat, loved the cat, grew tired of the cat, and now as an adult have decided I am more of a dog person. But, I must admit, seeing Bethany with that cat really made me start to think, "If it stays, we'll keep it outside."
I told Bethany it will probably go home tonight and see it's family. She named "her" Molly, if it's still here in the morning. We did check before bedtime and the cat wasn't in our yard anymore.

I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did all of that happen in 1 day?? Crazy day. I'm happy for Bethany to maybe have a kitty! :) She always just sits and stares at Winnie when she's here - yearning to cuddle with her. I wish Winnie was more of a people cat!


Miranda said...

yeah, that was all yesterday! The kitty isn't around today. Bethany isn't upset, she figures he went home to his family. I forget, Bethany did say, "This kitty is friendly, Winnie doesn't like people!" Funny!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Cute blog!!