Thursday, October 2, 2008

Molly returned

Okay, Molly showed back up tonight around 6. Bethany and Joseph were very excited! They were waiting for him to finish eating so they could pet him. Bethany rubbed Joseph's head and he said, "SISSY, don't pet me!!!" Bethany said, "I just want to rub your head and pet you!" Joseph always says he is petting Jenna when he rubs her hair.

Now I am starting to think about worse case scenario!?! Like what if he gets ran over? Or sick?

I don't know. Bethany is quite the worrier and is afraid a car will hit him or someone will take him. Molly tried to go under a car in our driveway and Bethany said, "No, no Molly! That's not safe! We don't play under cars." She will boss anyone and everything!!


Anonymous said...

So, is it a boy cat named Molly? You kept referring to it as a "him". Haha!


Miranda said...

I know, first we called "it" a her because it looks like a her. Then we went to "it" and then him. Well, today I found out for sure and it is a her!!!! She is back today.