Thursday, October 16, 2008

Signs of Life

I just uploaded some pictures from my memory card. I found a bunch of random, crooked pictures that I did not take. Apparently Bethany was playing paparazzi again. Here is one of her better shots. Life is full of little surprises!!

As a side note, I have been wanting to post this, if you blog (thru Bloggger) and don't have Picasa, you MUST get it. It is a free Google picture editing program, you just download it. My pictures upload SO much faster, I have all kinds of editing options and can even upload them onto my blog from this program. You may like it, even if you don't blog. It's a really easy to use and cool program. Give it a try!

1 comment:

Ruth Ann said...

how fun! The eyes are so bright & pretty! Good catchlights (if you don't know, ask Carrie)

Apparently Bethany admires Aunt Carrie a lot and is starting practice early. :) She can be her personal! (that'd probably be interesting!)