Saturday, October 4, 2008

Waitin', Ridin' and Jumpin'

We went to out community fall festival today. The kids look bored in the first picture because they were! We were waiting for the parade to start. It improved after that for them. The parade was short and sweet, unlike the parade we went to over Labor Day weekend. Because it was short, they got lots of candy!

We rode the little train, Joseph and Bethany really liked that. Joseph chose to ride in the red caboose, because James is red. James is one of the Thomas and Friends trains. The engineer told the kids Curious George had rode on that same train in a parade. They of course, thought that was pretty cool. The engineer was very nice and let Joseph ring the bell several times.

After we rode the train, the kids jumped and played in bouncy houses for a long time. Joseph was a little fearful and timid at first. Joe had to coax him along. When it was time to go, Joseph and Bethany both had mastered all the bouncy things and were running from one to the next. Jenna dosed off and on most of the day in her sling. She was a happy girl and loved being outside.

It was a fun day, a great beginning to Joe's fall break.


Kristen & Cliff said...

Glad to hear that!

The De Witts said...

miranda, you look so beautiful in that picture. i hope i will see you soon friend!!! i need to meet molly, your new member of the family...