Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 is the new 2

Today is Day #3!! Bethany received her sticker tonight! She is sleeping in her room now with her perfectly bubble gum pink nightstand! I am really proud of her and SO excited about our new chart system. So far it had been marvelous.
Joseph didn't get a sticker tonight and lost his toy airplane. As I have said before, I am not sure he completely gets it, or that this system will work for him. It's worth a shot though. I swear, he blew out 3 candles on that cake and it's like he inhaled a bunch of rambunctious-ness! The boy has to be called 25 times before he notices you are speaking to him. He is testing so much more than ever! He lost his sticker for repeated disobedience and not listening to me today. I am optimistic that this new phase will not be as bad as Bethany 3rd year of life. It's just going to be interesting learning what it takes with him. Finding that "thing" that works is the trick, plus multitudes upon multitudes of patience.

To give you a short update on my thyroid issues, I am scheduled for a MRI on my pituitary gland in a week. The NP is thinking I may have a pituitary disorder, causing my "hyperthyroidism". I have high TSH levels but no other symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I was treated with medicine which didn't affect the TSH levels. I am excited to be looking into other possible causes. I have felt all along, that a symptom is being treated, but not the root cause. I may be completely wrong, but at least I can rule out it out. It's been very difficult for me to fall asleep. Last night I researched the pituitary gland and found this awesome website. I doubt most of my readers will be interested to read this. I will say it is very educational and really amazing how the pituitary functions and the affects it has on our bodies. If you have thyroid, hormone, fatigue, or high blood pressure issues I think it is worth reading.

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Robin said...

Hi... I had a pituitary tumor which caused hypothyroidism for me, but it can also cause other symptoms including hyperthyroidism. There is an awesome support group at where there are message boards. Thought I'd share.

Hope things go well for you and you get some answers quickly.