Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little bit of everything

Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up by training and instructing them about the Lord.
Life has been a little overwhelming lately. It's been a mixture of many different things. My plate has been busy and I haven't had time to think about blogging anything.
Joseph woke up with an unexplainable fever yesterday. He didn't have any other symptoms. I gave him Motrin when it got up to 103.5. After the medicine kicked in he acted fine.
Bethany and I had a rough morning. She threw one of her monstrous fits. All because she had to get dressed. It lasted an hour and a half. I had a headache and was exhausted by the end of it. Joe decided we would take away her nightstand for 3 days. I am making her a chart. If she gets a sticker at the end of each day for good behavior, for 3 days straight, she can have it back. If she doesn't get a sticker, she will lose something else.
She cried when we told her she would lose her nightstand. This is encouraging to me, because I felt really helpless in controlling her. All other measures of discipline either, do not phase her, or only anger her. At this time, it is not in any of our best interest to spank her. I am praying for wisdom with her.
Jenna is on a more scheduled diet of fruits and veggies 2 times a day. I didn't think it was going to take that much time out of my day, but so far it has. Well, 10 minutes twice a day isn't really that much but in my day, it's an adjustment. She isn't real crazy about eating baby food. It is taking a tow on my patience because I spoon it in, she spits it out, I catch it and we start over again. She loves to spit it everywhere. She is the first baby I have had who didn't woof it down. I like to tell myself we are making progress and her eating skills are improving, but it feels like it is going slow.
On Monday, I thought I was going to have to stop nursing for good, so that I could take a thyroid uptake scan. Because I would have to take a nuclear pill, there is no way to know when it would get out of my system. Some studies say 4-6 weeks. Last week, I found out I have 2 nodules on my thyroid. The test was to find out more about the nodules. I started pumping and trying to produce as much milk as possible, to save in case I had to stop nursing. It turns out my doctor didn't feel it was necessary to give up nursing to take the test. I am relived and glad I won't have to stop nursing, but I'm really curious about what that test might show.
I just started seeing a NP about treating my hyperthyroidism by more natural means. I have an appointment with her tomorrow.
I am trying to get my Christmas shopping squared away. I am almost finished. I can't wait to be finished. The stores are already making me feel too rushed. I just want to enjoy the Christmas season with my family, not in the madness.
Honestly, I am glad to be going to bed. Looking forward to starting that new day tomorrow. I could use one!

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