Thursday, November 13, 2008

The real deal

1 John 3:18
Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

I will be the first to admit, before having 3 children to blame this on, I have NEVER excelled with keeping up the laundry. There have been spurts here and there, when I have made extra effort and shown progress. Only to regress again. I can blame my 3 children now. They certainly haven't helped.
I took a picture this morning to post for a different reason. I was going to put it on here for my brother-in-law Mark. :) He is always teasing me saying my house can't always be as clean as it appears when he visits. I tell him this is very true, I will be the first to admit, my house is a train wreck much of the time. Okay....sometimes.
Laundry is my downfall and I am not too proud to own it. Over the summer, Joe was very sweet and helped me out in this department. Of course, it didn't help me revamp to improve my slacking. For about 5 weeks now, we have all been living out of this pile. I wash and dry and stack. I am not ashamed to confess!
I went out tonight and returned to a clean, enlarged basement. I can see the floor!! There is an echo down here. My awesome husband folded and put away(my 2ND downfall) all the laundry. Is he sweet or what?! Although it was in his own interest, so that he can find his clothes again, he did do it to help me out. Believe it or not, it does bother me, and he wanted me to feel better.
Thanks George!! I love you!
Yes, I call him George even though his name is Joe.


Mark said...

Ah Ha I knew it!!! I really find it hard to believe that Joe cleaned this mess up. You need to ask him if he had help. Did Mom help him? Any way, if he did clean this mess up you may want to check under beds and the closets for clothes you're missing. I've never met this sweet Joe or "George". Just kidding.
Miranda I enjoy reading your blogs. You are good at this. It's very hard for me to stop reading your post there so good. Talk to ya later. Tell Joe I'm still doubting his sweetness.

Miranda said...

Hey, you should comment more often. You made me smile! I told Joe about your doubting his sweetness, he said you know better than that. I have to admit, you make a great point about your mom helping him. That is a good possibility. :)