Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What makes me smile

After Jenna's bath, Bethany asked if she could put Jenna's pants on her. I was busy trying to get us out the door, for Joseph's doctor appointment, so I agreed and left the room. I guess, most people would say I have alot of faith in a 4 year old. I have found Bethany very capable to help me out over the last 7 months. If she asks to do something I will let her try.
I could hear Bethany working and working, struggling to get the little pants on her. Jenna was fussing and Bethany kept softly talking Jenna through it. Finally, Jenna burst into a heartbroken sob.
Bethany said, in most comforting, apologetic way, "Oh, I know baby. I'm sorry. Sissy's almost done." When I walked in to ask what happened and if they were okay, Bethany said, "I'm not very good at this, Mommy. I can't do it as good as you can." By that time, Bethany had her pants on. Jenna wasn't hurt or anything, just sleepy. Probably wondering why, in the heck, I let a 4 year old get her dressed!

It was so sweet to hear Bethany talk to Jenna so lovingly. It melts my heart to watch her love her baby sister. She is a wonderful big sister.

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