Friday, December 26, 2008


I am taking a brief moment, however long my life will allow, to sit and blog out what's been going on around here for the past few days. I don't have much time, because I have mounds of laundry to wash, baths to give, food to cook and germs to try and kill.
Christmas? Oh, yeah it was Christmas wasn't it. It seems like that was forever ago, and so not what I pictured. I am kinda sad, because I only get so many Christmas' with little kids. Bethany and Joseph are 3 and 4, and that only happens one Christmas in their lifetime.
We did open presents and make a birthday cake for Jesus. There were alot of cute moments and they did love their gifts, but it just didn't feel right.
See, my stomach hurt all day on Christmas Eve and Joseph puked before it was time to go to Mamaw and Papaw's. Our family said for us to come anyway. So we went, but Joseph and Bethany both didn't feel good. Their belly's hurt and Joe and I lived in fear that they would vomit at any moment. Neither of them did get sick, but it wasn't the same, we couldn't enjoy it like I had planned.
Christmas day, we all felt better but not completely well. Mamma and Papaw came over in the evening and watched the kids open their gifts from us. It was fun to watch Bethany and Joseph play with their toys and Jenna eat the paper! (She started army crawling on Christmas Eve, so cute!)
Then, last night, Joe was sick all night and I found out this morning that Mom was sick too. We feel terrible, we have also learned some of Joe's family are sick today. It seems there is a 2 day period between people getting it. Which is worse, rather than better, because I wish we could have all gotten it out of our systems at once.
We feel awful that we have passed this wicked, horrible virus around to our family. It was so irritating to us, that someone came around us with it, and now we have passed it on to others. We still have one more family function tomorrow. My family are having our Christmas, my brother and sister in law are coming in from out of town. I am so praying we don't spread it to them or my other brother and sister in law.
This afternoon, I took Jenna to the doctor. She hasn't acted completely like her normal self since the RSV. She is still a very happy baby, but not as happy. She has been fussy which I contributed to teething but I was worried her ears might not have cleared up completely.
Her ears were clear and her lungs sound good, although she woke up raspy and coughing this morning. Her throat is really red and the NP checked her white count to see if she still has signs of a virus. She did, so it could be the RSV still or the stomach bug or both.
At this point, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am trying not to be disappointed that our Christmas wasn't as perfect as I hoped. I realize though, that this will pass and we are so blessed to only be fighting a stomach virus. Christmas is about more than a couple of days, I guess that is what God is trying to teach me.
I will upload some pictures later this weekend. My sister and mom took pictures and they are on their cameras. I think the pictures will help give a more accurate portrayal of our Christmas. They will brighten up this very gloomy post!

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