Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I flew the coop

It had been building for sometime, in the craziness of life and the hamster wheel of my day to day, it was inevitable, I needed a break. So first I had to plan a break, write it on the calender and count down the days, hours even.
I felt like I was in a relay, as soon as Joe walked in the door from work, I headed to shop. I desperately need something to wear to a wedding on Saturday. As hopeful as I felt to find an outfit, it was more about being alone. All by myself, shopping without pushing a stroller and packing Jenna in a sling. It is so exhausting trying on clothes, hopeless almost. I have to get Bethany or Joseph out of the stroller, take Jenna out of the sling, buckle her into the stroller, and try on the clothes. All the while, trying not to step on Bethany or Joseph because we are all squished into a extra small dressing room. I mean, if there is a mirror in there, like I could use it! After I give up trying on anymore clothes, I put everyone back where they were to begin with. Praying I won't find anything I like well enough to try on so we don't have to go through it all again.
I might get through 2 or 3 stores. By the time we take our sugar breaks, lunch breaks, potty breaks, nurse a baby, play on the playground breaks, and throw pennies in the fountain breaks I am done and it's time to buckle everyone in their car seats one last time. I pray all the way home no one falls asleep because then I'll be out of a nap time reprieve.
Okay, so enough describing my usual outings. I just needed to get all that out I suppose. You know I love my munchkins so much. Like everyone else though, I deserve some alone time too. As I was saying in the beginning, it's exciting to get out without them.
Although I was only half successful, it was good for me and I feel much better. Now I will be able to handle going out tomorrow to find the other piece I need for my outfit. I had my break, so it will be easier toting them around, possibly in the rain. They are really fun to be with and pretty darn cute too.

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