Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow

We all went to Mamma and Papaw's to play in the snow. Their place has the best sledding hills and is just a few minutes down the road. Bethany and Joseph were so excited. Joseph was looking forward to making snow balls and Bethany couldn't wait to make a snow angel.
They both had fun sledding, although Joe, Bethany and Joseph wiped out and Joesph took the brunt of it. His poor little face was smashed into the icy snow. I told him Mommy is a better sled driver than Daddy. He and I sledded together the rest of the time. He doesn't know I broke my collar bone sledding when I was 10. I'll keep that from him a few more years!
It was fun to play in the snow with the kids. I am so thankful Joe has a job where he gets snow days, such a nice change of pace. We love having him home with us. This is Jenna's first snow, our little snow angel! She stayed out long enough to get her picture taken and then went inside with Mamma.


Devon said...

LOVE the picture. So cute and fun. It brings back good memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you take those pics or did Carrie? They are really cute! Especially the one of Jenna with Mama - Jenna is possibly the cutest baby I've ever seen!