Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas time is here

It has been such a busy weekend around here. I have wanted to blog all weekend but just haven’t had the time for it. I’ll try to get in as much as possible.
On Friday, the kids and I made salt dough. We are working on some Christmas tree ornaments. They had a lot of fun. Joseph looks like quite the baker. I told Bethany it tasted nasty. She didn’t really believe me, so I told her she could taste it and find out for herself. She hated it of course! The ornaments are still a work in progress.
Friday evening, we picked out our Christmas tree at a local tree stand. It was really cool to get a tree right down the road. The awesome part was that Joe and I both quickly picked out the same tree. Usually, we go back and forth about who found the better tree. Joe can be pretty stubborn and opinionated when it comes to putting out trees. He thinks he has the better tree picking skills! You know I am just kidding, but he does want to find the perfect tree. And his tree is always the perfect one. :)
It always seems to take forever to get all the lights and decorations on the tree. It really is a perfect tree. So worth all the work. The kids were so excited. I am convinced this is the best age to have little ones at Christmas.
Last year I bought them a little nativity to play with. It was too cute listening to them play with the little figurines. Joseph was levitating the manger scene saying, “Here we go, whew!!!” Bethany was reenacting the scene in her words. So funny!
Yesterday, Joe finally got to hang some lights outside. Bethany said last year, “Well, it’s not Christmas at our house, ‘cause we don’t have any lights outside!”
Joe has been chomping at the bit, since last Christmas, to decorate outside. Such a good daddy. He wanted so badly to see their little faces. We didn’t tell them what he was working on and they stayed in the house all afternoon. In the evening we told them we would go drive around thee neighborhood and see the lights. When we pulled out of the garage Bethany said, “Hey! Who put those there?” Then Joseph and her, oohed and ahhed. Bethany said, “That is SO cute!” Finally Joseph popped up and said, “Sank you Daddy for our wights.” Just what Joe wanted to hear.
I told Joe he was just trying to get blogged about. I teasingly said, “You just wake up every morning and say, ‘What can I do for today so that I make the blog?”
Today we went to a church on our way to Nashville, then a shower for a relative in Nashville. It was a really busy, full day. Our day went smoothly and it was a lot of fun. Bethany and Joseph were telling jokes on the way home tonight, that were not even close to funny. Bethany would say, “Hey Bud! Why did the alligator get on the car?” or many other random things. Then he always replied, “Because.” And they would about die laughing. Especially Joseph, he was really giving Bethany an ego trip.
On the way to the shower I explained to Bethany that she might get to play some games at the shower. She confidently said, “Seriously, Mommy, those games are for big girls! Seriously!” I was happy when she was a model for a wedding dress made out of toilet paper. She played the part well and posed for pictures. She won a Christmas pillow. Her plan is to put it in Molly’s box in the garage. Such a pretty pillow to give a cat. A cat that by the way, is pregnant. We haven’t told the kids, in case she has them somewhere else.

I am continually surprised at how much preparation it takes to get us all out the door on time. Especially when it’s a day trip or longer, getting out the door with 3 kids, to dress and feed, possibly more than once, is still my hardest transition. I was up late Saturday night getting everything packed and laid out. It is a good thing because I spent a good 45 minutes looking for one pair of stockings for Bethany.
Our weekend has been so crazy and busy yet so good. We are blessed beyond measure. I love my little Bethany, Joseph and Jenna. Christmas is so great with them.
Oh, and my husband with his perfect tree. Which is beautiful if I say so myself!


Devon said...

Sounds like fun! And the tree is very nice. One day we're going to put our tree up. Hopefully sometime before Christmas. lol

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

love reading about your adventures. The tree looks great. A technical question for you. How do you get the pictures on the blog to be on the sides of your text and not all lined up one after the other?

Miranda said...

I think you proably know about this, but just to clarify. You need to select "left" or "right" on Choose a Layout, inside the window that you upload your pictures.

Then when it is uploaded, click on your picture and you can drag it to where you would like it. I hope this is helpful ?!?

Carrie said...

the pic of the kids with the tree is priceless! Jenna's face!!! I laughed my head off when i saw it.

The De Witts said...

great pictures miranda!!! i love your tree and i love love love the one of bethany holding jenna. that is adorable!!

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

i will give it a try next time I post. Thanks for the directions. Also love the post about imagination. That's neat that at 3 he has grasped that concept.