Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Jenna woke up from her morning nap with a very puffy red eye. It was watering and goopy. Since she was born, she has had goopy watery eyes, off and on, more on than off though.
It looked worse than ever before, so I took her to the doctor. The pediatrician said it is pink eye. She said we all will get it! For that reason, I hope she misdiagnosed it. The eye itself isn't red or anything. Jenna also woke up congested and has been sneezing all day. How would I know though, right? I'll take her word for it. Whatever it is, it's awful. Poor baby looks miserable.
While we were in the doctor's office Jenna was so cute. My sister stayed home with Bethany and Joseph, so Joe and I were able to go together. Jenna started waving bye-bye on Sunday. We thought it was just coincidence, but she has continued to wave her little arm most of the time when asked. You know how babies are, they never do what you say they are able to do.
She was jabbering away saying ba-ba, then da-da. Of course, we were pleased and continued to get her to say da-da. So cute. She was jabbering now da-da, while sitting in my lap. Hopefully I can get a video of her new accomplishments soon.
After our trip to the doctor, Joe and I went to eat at McDonald's, then to Kohl's. I was able to get the rest of my outfit for Saturday. That is how most of our dates are, useful. I don't even care though. It was much needed and made me happy. Thanks Carrie for babysitting!!


Ruth Ann said...

Carrie is a sweet sister!! :) I'm sure that's a huge blessing to you.

Carrie said...

Any time you want to go out you just call me! I had a good time last night with the kids. Just like Jophie said "we had a berry fun time"