Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soon it will be Christmas day

I guess you could say we don't abide by all the quarantined laws. Although I am usually considerate of other parents and their children, I wasn't entirely this weekend. Jenna was feeling really good, we followed through with all our pre RSV weekend plans. We tried our hardest to keep her away from little babies and forewarned all our relatives.
To our surprise, Jenna has continued to be her happy self. Her pink eye is completely gone. Despite her mild congestion, she was a trooper throughout our long car rides and being passed around by many friendly, unfamiliar, family members.
We decided Saturday morning to make the trip to Nashville for the wedding. As much as I organized and planned, when it came time to get Bethany and Joseph ready, we could only find one of each of their shoes. Weird, I know! Around the middle of the week, I'd dug them out of a bag of last years shoes to see if they fit. One shoe for each of them. Some time over the past year, the mate to their shoes disappeared. Joe and I searched for about 15 minutes and realized we had to get out the door.
So began the rush of the weekend... We stopped a Target and I ran in for 2 pair of new shoes. Then we had to get gas, where Bethany and Joseph decided they had to go potty REALLY bad. We fought traffic to Nashville, got kinda sorta lost in downtown and made a couple turn-a-rounds, Finally we figured out where to park, then took a quarter mile hike to a chapel on Vanderbilt's campus. A hike in the cold (extra cold for me, because I forgot my coat), with 2 toddlers, 1 baby wrapped in blankets, (because I forgot her coat) and a diaper bag, in heels! Quite an accomplishment.
From there, we trekked back to our car and on to a nice reception. The kids did great. The highlight for them were the elevator rides in the parking garage and the hotel where the reception was held. They also got to drink out of stemware! It was a little nerve racking. I am happy to say, we left with no broken goblets, they survived Joseph's stemware stacking skills. I wish I had a picture, but there wasn't time!
As we had hoped, we were able to go see the lights at Gaylord Opryland Hotel, after the wedding. We had to battle traffic, search high and low for a parking spot, but we finally made into the hotel. It was alot of work and people to press through but it was worth it to see Bethany and Joseph's faces. And twice as fun to hear their squeals at a water fountain. It is more than a water fountain, really cool.
While we were looking at the lights, we found out that we had a free hotel room waiting for us, if we wanted it. Although I was unprepared for an overnight stay, a hotel sounded really nice about this time. The kids had pj's and everything they needed. Joe and I had brought casual clothes so we headed to our hotel for the night.
Hotels and little children are so much fun. There are drawers to search, radios to turn on, elevator buttons to push, beds to jump on and heating and air units to operate at just their height! It really is grand! Their little voices sounded so sweet. In those moments, Joe and I look at each other and smile.
This morning we rushed home to get showers and dressed for my grandmother's family Christmas. We jumped back in the car, driving an hour to get there. It was a good time visiting with family. Bethany and Joseph had fun playing with their cousins.
We are home now for a short pit stop. In 30 minutes or so, we are off again to a Christmas program.
What a busy time of year. So much fun, and the anticipation for Christmas is growing. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I could never spare a second to get the camera out. Looking forward to just my plain ole Monday tomorrow!


Devon said...

I'm glad Jenna's feeling better. Sounds like you had a fun weekend (minus the cold). :)

Mom and Dad said...

Having fun is sure hard work, isn't it!! But well worth it to achieve those family ties and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for making it to our family Christmas at the Brady's and our Christmas Program. You helped to make them both special. Love you all MUCH! Mom and Dad