Friday, January 23, 2009

Bit of Sunshine

Jenna is growing so fast. I love this stage she is at now. It's one of my favorite ages. One of, because there are many favorite stages, where I just wish she would stay this age forever. At least, a few months longer would be nice.
Our little pumpkin is content to sit on a blanket and play with her toys. The risk of her toppling over and banging her head on the floor is not as likely. She can get down from sitting, and do her elbow scoot to get where she wants. The good thing is, her sights aren't too far away at this age and she doesn't get very far from where she started.
She is drinking her milk out of a sippy cup now. It's really cute, but sad that I don't give her a bottle any more. Her coos and jabbering is music to my ears.
I gave her a bath with Bethany and she thought she was so big. The picture at the bottom is her admiring Bethany. She looks at her and Joseph like that all the time. I am so glad I caught it for the picture.

You are, your daddy's joy and your mommy's sunshine. We could never stop loving you.
Words can't express how much we love you Jenna Grace.
You are our squishy, kissy, huggy, sometimes stinky, big o' bunch of Love.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have that. Enjoy it.

Miranda said...

I wish you could have that too. I'm praying you will very soon!!!