Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hanging on to tomorrow

So, a brief update. My in-laws electric came back on last night and we were able to stay there again. However, the electric has gone off again, so we are home catching up on a few things. The kids are getting a much needed nap in their own beds, upstairs away from the whirlwinds of the fans. Joe and I, are getting to enjoy the nice white noise while I do laundry, *ahem* blog, and he is watching the UK game.
I am excited by the comment I received from a Paul Davis Restoration's PR person, post before last. How cool is that! I couldn't believe they found my nice words about them. I did reply to their question but on their site, for my own safety. I am a bit leery of letting the whole world know exactly where we live and what goes on in our lives all at once. That comment did make my day though!!

The guys from Paul Davis, have about got our house dried out. The fans and all will be running until Monday. Our insurance adjuster is coming by in the morning. We are so glad to keep all this moving because we really need our house back soon!

Here are a few pictures of our last days without electricity. Lots of coloring and book reading!

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