Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is meant to be shared

Joseph has been mildly upset about the fact that most of our visits to the grocery store consist of Joe, Bethany, Jenna and he sitting in the car, while I go in. He brought it up a couple of times in passing, though he never threw a fit about it. It was clear that he REALLY wanted to see the inside of Wal-Mart and such places, when he told Mamma about how he didn't get to go inside the stores anymore. His lower lip was hanging down, his brow furrowed and he stood in his trademake shoulders shrugged forward stance. I promise, it hasn't been that long since he was inside Wal-Mart or Target. I do take all 3 of them to run errands all the time.
So basically it worked, my hearted melted and I promised that he could go run errands with me this evening, if he took a nap. At the last minute, it worked so Joe could go with us, while Bethany and Jenna stayed with Mamma. Joseph was so excited that he happily informed Joe, as soon as he walked in the door from work.
Joseph chose to eat supper at " 'Donalds". Joe and I both couldn't believe how quiet he was the entire time. I said more than once, "This is weird!" Weird first of all because of the incredible quietness, to the point I forgot he was with us a couple times. Secondly, weird because it was so easy, getting in and out of the car, focusing on just him and his needs. I guess, I realized how good he is, when we didn't have the confusion and responsibility of the 3 little ones, he was so obedient and simple.
The sweetest thing was he missed Sissy so bad. He doesn't know what to talk about without her. She is always directing his actions and conversation. Throughout the night he kept saying, "I just miss Sissy." At the end of our time, before Bethany and Jenna came home, I asked if he had fun with us. He said, "Yep, but I just missed Sissy reawwy, reawwy bad."
Mom, Dad, Carrie and the girls all were coming in and Joseph stood in the doorway, unresponsive to their calls of hello to him. When Bethany walked through the door he grabbed her, gave her a long hug and said, "Sissy, I missed you."
Carrie said, Bethany had mentioned she missed Joseph a couple of times too. So sweet! Honestly, I think Joseph would've had more fun if Bethany was with him. It just wasn't the same playing the games at McDonalds, opening his Happy Meal toy, eating a bag of M&M's or watching the lady cut material at the fabric store without her. How amazing is that!

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Devon said...

That's precious. And I love the new pics up top. We miss you guys. It would be fun to get together.