Friday, January 9, 2009

Lighter Side

A little on the lighter side!! I know, my blogging has been a bit heavy lately, even for me. Carrie got a new camera. She is really excited about it and took pictures of my kiddos tonight. I am really excited about it too! Can't you see how awesome it is!?


Ruth Ann said...

awww, those are adorable pictures!! I wonder what type of camera (other than the Canon name :) that Carrie got - hmm, I'll have to ask her. Your kiddos are so cute and these pictures are very, very fun. :)

Miranda said...

Hey Ruth Ann,
Thanks for the comment. Carrie's camera is a 20D. Hope that helps you out. It's greek to me!

Short Stop said...

Hi, Miranda!

These are great photos! Wow. Nothing like a new camera!!

This is my first time here. Your love for God and your family really pours out from the pages of your blog!

Happy New Year!