Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, dear blog

What a few days this has been. In my last post did I really use the word, bothersome about our ice storm? I believe, I said, "I hope it doesn't turn bothersome..." I never dreamed it would all turn out this crazy.
My life has been hectically crazy and turn upside down. Tuesday night, we packed up to go to my parents because we didn't have electricity. Neither did they, but they have a gas fireplace. Wednesday afternoon we packed up to come back home because our electric was back on. While Joe was loading our car, the keys got locked inside. After we worked all that out, we came home to a warm house without water.
My parents came over, we played cards that evening, I repacked in case our electric went off again, the lights were flashing. Thankfully the electric stayed on and we went to bed.
At 7:00, I was awakened my Joe hollering for my to wake up and come down stairs quick. "Bring all the towels you can find." he said. I was half out of it, came down the steps walked into the kitchen and saw an inch and a half of water in our kitchen floor. Then I saw water in our dining room, and our bathroom, running into our hallway. I could hear water dripping and pouring into our basement. As I walked down into the basement, I kept saying, "Oh, my goodness!!" I couldn't believe we had that much water in our house! It was a helpless feeling because I didn't even know where to begin, towels weren't even going to touch this mess!
I did what I always do, when we have a problem with our house, I called my dad. By the time Mom and Daddy came over, we realized our pipe in the kitchen sink was frozen and I had left the water faucet on. When our water was turned back on, we were sleeping and didn't hear the water running and it had ran out of the sink and all over the place.
We cleaned up the water the best we could, thankfully our basement isn't finished so we only lost a few items, but nothing major. Most of our important stuff is in Rubbermaid tubs. Besides all that, it was a mess!!! We all worked several hours, I didn't know how we would have managed if my parents hadn't come to help us out.
Around noon, Paul Davis Restoration came to dry our house out. To get to the wetness, they tore out most of our flooring. In the matter of 2 hours, they had our floors ripped up and taken out of our house. We have fans and dehumidifiers all downstairs and in the basement. I can't say enough how nice the guys were that came to work on our mess. Plus, they were so fast and have done an awesome job so far!!

I am having a hard time concentrating because the fans are so loud in our house. I hate that this post is rushed and disheveled, but that's is how my life has been lately. I came home from my mother-in-laws to wash our wet laundry and get a little down time. I had one of my massively huge piles of clean laundry in the basement floor, so it all got wet and has to be rewashed. It been so crazy and I needed a lazy bath, and it feels nice to be able to blog. I am such a blog addict and it's become so much of an outlet that I missed my Internet badly these past few days.
Our house is a mess and because of the flooring gone and the noise from the fans we stayed at my in laws last night. We were planning on staying there until our house is a bit easier to live in. Joe just called and said, their electric just went off. We are like nomads, running place to place, for a place that's warm and has water!! I'll post again, when I can!!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I know I'm tired of all this hobo living - I can't imagine having to go through what you all have gone through the past few days on top of it though! I hope things start looking up for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miranda, Thanks for your nice comments about Paul Davis Restoration. Would you please post which office helped you? I handle PR for the company and would like to send the owners your kind words. Hope all is well.