Monday, January 12, 2009

Thyroid update

The kids are all in bed, so now I am just waiting...and hoping...and saying a little prayer that it will snow tonight. I'll be so happy if school is cancelled and Joe doesn't have to work. I love snow days!!

To give an update on my thyroid status, the gluten free diet isn't gonna happen. After asking a few questions, I realized if a gluten free diet were to help my TSH levels, I would have to continue it FOREVER. That just isn't even realistic or worth the trial. I would have my thyroid eradicated before I'd live on veggies, fruit and meat.
The CT scan on my adrenals can't be done until I stop nursing. A CT involves a dye that is harmful and it's undetermined how long it would stay in my system. The natural approach was too if-ie. Putting me on a few supplements would be hard to regulate, this made the PTU seem really easy. I also wasn't about to start using hormones, no matter how low of a dosage. My life can't handle crazy emotions and mood swing right now, there's no time for it.
So given these facts, I decided it was time for me to back on the PTU. It would be simpler and predictable. Although it never changed my TSH levels, I needed it to help me sleep. I have been staying up til 1 and 2AM for the past couple months. I am ready to get my body back on track.
I started the medicine on New Year's Eve. Shortly after I was back on PTU, I noticed my milk production decreased. Over the past week, I have given Jenna a bottle at the end of the day. I consulted the lactation nurse at my local hospital (who is awesome). She wasn't real positive and prepared me that I may have to put Jenna on formula completely, yet she was hopeful. She said taking a herbla tea, Mother's Milk, wouldn't be healthy for me since I have hyperthyroidism.
It is kinda sad for me, thinking about putting Jenna on formula. I am trying to look at the bright side and know if I do stop nursing, I can get the CT on my adreanals sooner. Until then, I will nurse as long as possible and supplement however much Jenna needs.

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