Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Up and running...

I woke up this morning feeling really confident that this is going to be a good day. Last night was a first, in I don't know how many months, that I went to sleep at 9:00 and slept awesome until 8:00. I felt rested and excited that my thyroid medicine is getting me back on track for a more energetic life.
Well, my hurdle this morning was getting Bethany and Joseph to eat their left overs from last night's supper. This is the first time I have enforced this rule. It seems every time they come to the table for supper, they are ungrateful. They have never been picky eaters, for Bethany it is about control and for Joseph it is about following the example Bethany sets for him. There is a first for everything and last night all their ungratefulness caught up with them.
We had roast, potatoes and carrots. They both love this meal, but Bethany wasn't going to eat it, so Joseph didn't either. The rule isn't even that they had to clean their plates, they just had to try it. If Bethany will try the food, she eats most of it. I am okay with them at least eating half their food.Since neither of them ate any, the rule changed to no other food until they cleaned their supper plate. I was shocked that neither of them ate their food last night, they didn't' even ask for food.
Bethany has been screaming and crying because she doesn't want to eat it. She is now to the point that she doesn't even know what she angry about. Joseph whined for a few minutes, them he ate his, so he just finished a bowl of Cheerios.
In the midst of all the chaos, Jenna was hungry and ready to eat baby food. So I had Bethany screaming, Jenna crying and Joseph letting me know he was ready for cereal. I opened the cabinet to get out Joseph's cereal and a full container of oatmeal fell out and dumped all over the kitchen floor.

Jenna had a tummy full of happy now and Joseph is playing. Bethany was sent to her room to scream to herself. Can somebody send me to my room? Oh, yeah I forgot, I have a mess of oatmeal to sweep up off the floor.


jess said...

Oohh! What a day Huh? I have those days too! Good job Mama enforcing those rules. True love is always hard! Thanks for your sweet note last month. I just read it today... I was reminescing a bit.

Mom said...

On the positive side, so thankful you got a good nights sleep. I am praying for you!