Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When it's cold outside

Here is our house in the terrific ice storm we are having. So far, it's been fantastic, because Joe got to stay home with us today and will be off work again tomorrow.
We watched movies all day, it was the first time Bethany and Joseph had seen Apple Dumpling Gang, a personal favorite of mine. We ate homemade pizza and pumpkin bread.
I am hoping it will continue to be a terrific ice storm, and not turn bothersome by our electricity going off. It went off briefly a minute ago, Bethany and Joseph are pretty excited about the idea of us losing our power, because we get to go sit in Mamma and Papaw's basement by their warm fireplace. Lights are dimming so I better post while I can.
Hope you are staying warm and toasty, with some one you love...

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Angela said...

We too are enjoying the wonderful days off but has been difficult since we lost our power at 3:30 yeseterday afternoon. We tried to wait it out but by 7:00 last night still no signs of it coming on so we came to my parents. We're still without it today and I'm beginning to worry about my food in the fridge and freezer. Wouldn't you know, we went grocery shopping Sunday so it is all FULL! We'll see...
The roads were horrible down our way last night with trees down everywhere. Now Phil is heading home to feed the animals and says it's nothing but ice. I just don't see us having school the rest of the week. If so, maybe we can get together!