Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blah, Blah, I need a nap

This is just one of those days that I need to focus on what I've accomplished, because looking around, all I see are the task long overdue. It's been a blah day, I just can't get moving. I have no energy and would rather sit and stare at a TV or computer. The part that makes me feel guilty is, I feel like this alot. What I could do with energy!

So here goes,
1. First thing I did, literally...respond to a call for help, which usually at 8am is a hiney wiping call. But instead, Joseph had peed and pooped in his clothes on the kitchen floor. Weird, that's like the 4th accident he has ever had.

2. Fixed breakfast, cleaned up breakfast

3. Nursed Jenna 4 times, fed her 3 jars of baby food.

4. Carried the dirty laundry down 2 sets of stairs, washed 3 loads, all still unfolded, plus another 5 loads...oops I am not gonna talk about what is still calling to me.

5. Fixed lunch, cleaned up lunch.

6. Cleaned out the fridge, that's been smelling putrid for days.

7. I changed 5 poopy diapers, yes 5 from 1 baby.

8. Entered Joe's grades into the computer.

9. Put together a shoe organizer. Don't ever buy this horrible organizer, it is painful to put to together, and took me like 4 hours. My palms are red and sore, from pushing on the thing. My jaw is even sore from clenching my teeth together. Honestly!!

10. Took a bath, simultaneously read my Bible. Gotta learn how to multitask everything in my world.

11. Made 9 sippycups, my kids have to be part camel!

12. Put Bethany and Joseph to bed dirty, again not gonna focus on my shortcomings.

13. Spent 45 minutes looking for some card that, "Has a squirrel or some kinda creature on it. The one Daddy gave me last year for Valentine's Day." I was unsuccessful.

14. Made a quick supper and cleaned my kitchen

15. Blogged

16. Took out the garbage, okay now I'm just trying too hard to make myself feel better.


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I know it's not funny, but that's funny! If you still have that pile of laundry to fold next week, call me - I will be happy to come over and fold it for you!

Mom said...

Whew! What a day. I knew you were good with math but this blog shows just how your mind works. 9 sippycups, 5 poopey diapers. nursed 4 times, 3 jars baby food. 3 loads ....4 hrs, 45 min... You used a lot of numbers here. Organized you are! even in your brain. Give yourself a break. You did great. What a marathon you have just run. It is time to relax and not feel guilty.