Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a great Valentine's Day at our house. I woke up around 8 and came down the steps to be greeted by Jophie, I have to call him that while I can. He said excitedly, "Mommy, me and Daddy got you som'tin." "Oh, you did," I asked. "Yep, me and Daddy went to da store and bought you some, some food." Then he did his little excitement shiver and giggled.
Joe and he, went to the food mart and bought us breakfast. When Joe said he was going to bring me breakfast in bed, I turned around and went right back upstairs. I stopped by Bethany's room and had her come get in bed with me.
A few minuets later, we could hear Joseph's little foot steps coming down the hall. He popped around the corner, cute as a button, wearing his UK hat. He proudly told Bethany, how he and Daddy went to get us breakfast. Bethany was of course eating up the pampering, as was I.
We all had breakfast in our bed, the proof is in all the crumbs I'll be sleeping in tonight. Then Joe brought me a dozen red roses, Bethany a card and a teddy bear and Jenna a bear too. He got up at 4 this morning to go shop for us, so sweet. Or such a procrastinator, I know, but I choose the first.
Bethany has been anticipating this card from Joe for weeks, ever since she heard Valentine's Day was coming up. Last year, Joe gave her a singing Hallmark card, I can't remember which song it played. She loved that card SO much. A month or so later, I was able to sneak it out of her room and put it away in her special things to keep. She has mentioned every time I've talked about Valentine's Day, that she sure hope Daddy gets her a card, and maybe even the same one.
As Joe handed her his card and the bear, she all but tossed the bear to the side and hurriedly ripped the envelope off her card. Not even glancing at the front of the card she whipped it open and got really still listening for the music. Though it was only a second or two, she looked up at Joe with this look like, "It is going to play a song, RIGHT???" Quickly after she looked up at him, Joe's voice came from the card, "I love you Bethany Rose *****, You are Daddy's Baby Girl Forever." A big smile spread across her face and her eyes lit up. Then the song started, I'm Walking on Sunshine.

I haven't seen the card since, there is no telling where she has stashed away her treasure, but we have heard that song over and over all day long. A few times when I heard it playing, I looked at Bethany's face and she was smiling.

Joe and I had a surprise, last minute date, after Carrie offered to watch the kids for us.{{{Thanks, Carrie}}} We didn't feel like fighting the crowds, so we ate at Penn Station, a place we love but don't eat there very often.
Earlier in the day, Joe and I put up 2 new light fixtures, the final touches to our restoration. I say that, but I am having trouble completing the living room, because I can't find an area rug. I have brought 4 home so far and have taken them all back. I bought this poppy picture after Christmas that I love, and no rug seems to coordinate with it. I am tired of wrestling the awkward heavy things home and just want Jenna to have a nice soft piece of floor to play on. At the same time, I don't want to buy something only to regret my decision.

I'll have to post some before and after pictures of the house next time. Until then here are 2 of the rugs I tried.

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Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

We didn't want to fight the crowds either, so we ate at Shoney's for V-day and got right in with no wait! Haha.