Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm famous, well kinda :)

I am so excited because I just signed up to have my blog listed in the directory of Technorati. It's a completely free site to promote blogs. They tell you what your blog is ranked, mine is 1,136,110th, blah, blah, whatever. The neatest part, that I didn't know about, is this site shows if others post a link to your site and what they may have said.

I found out my recent post, Farewell, President George W. Bush, was used by the site Ballotvox.

Here is the direct link to see where my post was referenced. This made my day and possibly my weekend. Really neat to have my opinion posted by someone else.


Ruth Ann said...

Miranda - how fun is that! :) I agree, that would make me happy - I'd think it'd be the coolest thing ever. :) Well, you know what I mean.

hoping this will go through...I've been having commenting woes in your blog lately.

Ruth Ann said...

ok, I'm posting a second comment...just because it looks like that first one went through. For several posts recently I've tried to comment and it never seems to go through. Really weird. Those pictures you took of Jenna the other day are absolutely adorable...the first two her eyes were really pretty, and my favorite was the last one with the light all around here. She's a huggable cutie, most definitely! God bless!

random blogger said...

that's cool. keep writing. who knows what it may bring.

Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am proud to be your Mom :)