Sunday, February 1, 2009

My God is good

Joe and I are getting ready to go pick put out new flooring for our house. I am excited that we get to replace the flooring that neither of us ever liked in the first place. Any extra money has always gone to more important things and I was content with the flooring we had. God is so good to us and the ways He provides for our family is amazing! I can't thank Him enough for all our blessings.
The kids have been and are continuing to show signs of exhaustion with the instability in our life right now. The inconsistency of random naps and being shipped here and there is hard on them. They have loved spending the nights with their grandparents and all the spoiling, and chocolate and ice cream and cookies, that goes with that. Bethany and Joseph especially, cry about random things and are more whiny than usually. Both are worried about their house. Joseph was heartbroke when he saw the guys tearing out our flooring. He didn't understand we had to do that and we will get new floors. Jenna is more clingy to Joe and I, as are Bethany and Joseph.
It makes me sad to see them struggle with the transition, and I have been more lenient on them. At the same time, I am surprised at how well they are behaving too.

Gotta run, so much to do today... GO STEELERS!!!!

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