Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reason #83 Strangers Can Tell I'm a Mommy

Sometimes I have moments when I realize that things I look at everyday, and view as normal, really might create a good laugh for some one else. This dawned on me as I was digging through my purse today.
I love purses, always have since I was a little girl. After becoming a mom, I ditched the purse thing for awhile. I mean, like I cared enough about carrying a purse to juggle it, a car seat, weighing more than a grown man, before I'd buckle the baby in, and the 30 pound diaper bag that always ended up in the crook of my arm, dragging the ground.
A few months into the joys of first time motherhood, I think I needed some sense of identity. I felt like I was just another baby accessory. Dawning, baby pink and cute little bears.
That is when the diaper bag and purse merged together. Truthfully, the bags I carry are more about me, than the baby. I have had very few legit diaper bags since, most have been nothing more than an overgrown purse, cute and stylish of course.

At this time, I tote around a Fossil purse that I bought at a yard sale for $3. As I was filling it's pockets, I found a quarter. So you can do the math, it really only cost me $2.75, quite the bargain!!
Rummaging through my purse, I thought you might enjoy a quick rundown of it's contents. One bottle of Children's Motrin sticking out the side pocket, a package of wipes, a diaper, my wallet, too many receipts to count, a tube of disgusting, gross looking lip gloss-that I've seldom worn, because where would I find the time to apply it? The next Bath & Body sale, I'll replace that tube with a new one, because the thought of using a cute tube of lip gloss is really appealing to me.
There are expired coupons, a pacifier, a few peppermints I stashed for an emergency meltdown-Don't tell that to a lady I met at a baby shower, I'd get a lengthy lecture about the choking hazards of hard candy. Trust me, I weigh the risk, embarrassment of a public display of aggression or choking hazard, I think you know which is more likely. My little tigers bite right into the thing anyway.
There are a few spare quarters for the candy machine at the tire store, a note pad for my list making compulsion, like 15 pens, because I always throw a pen in my purse to make sure I have one, Curious George's head keeps popping out of the top despite my constantly pushing him back down and a dirty diaper.
Now you know why the outside is for me, because the inside isn't.


Amanda Brady said...

I am known as the pen girl. I always have plenty of pens to write notes. I always put one in my purse before I leave the house, even though if I think about it, the 5 that I put in there earlier this week are still there. So, when I finally find that spare moment to clean out my purse, there are like 20 pens in there!

The De Witts said...

Awesome Post. I thouroughly enjoyed ready this one girl!!