Thursday, February 12, 2009

Discovery of the source of light

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Jenna is enjoying our finished floors. She kinda has a limp in her crawl, from the picture above you can see she pulls herself with her right arm and keeps her left arm crooked under her. Everyday, she extends her boundaries of yesterday and explores farther and farther away from her old 4' x 4' space in the living room floor.
Her little face lights up with the pride of her accomplishments. It's official, she can track me down, stalking me from room to room. Now she knows I can see her while she screams, until I bend down and lift her up. Also official, is that fact that vigilance has begun for us keeping the basement door closed, no more mindlessly leaving it open. We are on lock down.
I had to grab my camera when I saw Jenna hurriedly crawl over to the sunshine to grasp the light. She patted the floor and kept looking at the sunshine on her hand. A few minutes later, she has studying her shadow.


Mom said...

These are the most precious pictures of Jenna in the light! I love the one with her shadow. That little nose.

Ruth Ann said...

oooh...I LOVE these pictures Miranda!!! The light and the sparkle in here eyes in those first two. And that last picture is my favorite - beautiful! Babies are so much fun - I hope that the Lord allows me to be a mother one day: what a privilege and excitement it is!

btw, I've tried posting several comments on some of your recent posts, but somehow it hasn't gone through, so I hope this one will!

Miranda said...

Oh, I don't know why it wouldn't post your comments. Some one else said they had the same problem. I like getting you comments, thanks!!