Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacationed in the Rainforest

Topping off our Valentine weekend, we stayed in Nashville and celebrated President's Day. We went down for church on Sunday and came back home late Monday.
The kids had a blast. Pulling their luggage, pushing the elevator buttons and jumping on the beds were the highlights for them. We ate at Rainforest Cafe for the first time. It is really cool and the kids loved it, although Joseph was a little frightened by the moving animals.
Though I don't know how relaxing it really was, we are glad we spent the time away. I am learning how to keep pushing myself, because if not, I think we'd just stay home all the time.

It's alot of planning and packing, shuffling and scurrying, pushing strollers and toting bags, which break, I'm in the market for a new bag. Despite all the potty breaks, diaper changes, sleep deprivation meltdowns, and hunger meltdowns, and I'm talking about me on those last 2, we did it!!

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