Thursday, March 5, 2009

9 months and counting

I took Jenna in for her 9 month well visit, although she will be 10 months on Saturday. Due to the great flood at our house and a completely forgotten appointment last week, which I can explain...because of the flood, I misplaced my calendar, aka my best friend, and the appointment never was written on it or hung back on my fridge to remind there you go.

Anyway, I took Cutie Pie in, she weighs 17 lbs. and is 27 in. long. She has grown 2 in. and gained less than 2 lbs. in 3 months and is in the 10th percentile for height and weight. I've NEVER had one of my babies be anywhere near that number, unless it was the 110th percentile. As soon as the nurse told me what she weighed I knew she hadn't gained much.
I am not really upset about her growth, the doctor wasn't very concerned, but I'm certainly not all happy, happy about her being so small anymore.
The moment we walked in the door from the doctor, I heated a jar of baby food and down it went, along with a couple rounds of "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

So that's where we are, trying to put on the weight for Jenna and take it off of me. She certainly has her
daddy's great genetics on that one, thankfully not mine.
Jenna loved looking at herself in the mirror. She recently started mimicking us and the sounds we make. She roars like a lion, chirps like a bird, will sometimes copy "bye-bye" or "da-da". She's such a joy and keeps me smiling, all of us smiling. Bethany adores her and mothers her all the time.
I can't believe she will be a year old in a couple months, it just seems too soon. I've been savoring every moment because I knew how fast it would go by, here I am wishing I could start it over again. Well, you know most of it!


Mamma said...

I love the picture of Jenna looking in the mirror. I know she enjoyed having some alone time with Mommy, even if it did mean going to the Dr. We should be hearing about teeth soon. Look how she is chewing on that teether.

Bonnie said...

Are you worried about her weight?

One thing I learned with my b/g twins was that every baby is so different. My little girl was 90th percentile all the time and right on schedule developmentally even walking at 11 months. My little boy...another story. He was not even on the growth charts until 18 months and took his time developmentally.

My oldest son (my first) was right on schedule for everything so the twins were a learning experience....Oh how I would judge myself as a mother on how they were doing developmentally, but there was only so much time to do things with them.

Now with baby #4 I am so relaxed it's ridiculous and he is lucky if he gets a bath every couple days!

Miranda said...

I wouldn't say I am worried. I know all kids are different. I just want to make sure I am feeding her enough. I feel it won't hurt to up her food intake, as long as she's happy to eat more, I'll feed her.

Until recently, she hasn't been a good eater, but I can tell she likes baby food more now.
Thanks for the encouragement!!!