Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can't see 'em but they're in there

We are all so happy that Jenna first 2 bottom teeth have officially popped through. No one is happier than Jenna! She is growing and can now wave and say, "Bye-Bye", I took a video, but Blogger hasn't let me upload videos in a long time. She also calls Joe "Da-da". And you can see that her hair is getting long enough to wear a bow. She really is wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! miss you guys. It looks like Jenna is getting huge! I love reading your blog. its my link to back home I guess. Thanks for all the pics and stories. I think it is kinda funny that you have my avorite songs on your sight. lol I guess we have the same taste in music. Anyway, just thought i would drop you a note and tell yout that I miss you! Love yah!


Miranda said...

Hey Nathanael, Thanks for commenting, so glad you read my blog. I like being your link back to home!! I didn't know "How Great is Our God" was your favorite song, pretty much anything Chris Tomlin is my favorite. I keeping checking for "I Will Rise" by him, but it's not out to upload yet. I miss you too, we all miss you. Lave yah, bunches!!!!

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

yeah for the new teeth. she is just so cute. she looks so tall in the pictures too.