Saturday, March 28, 2009

My blue eyed boy, and his UK

So, if you know anything about my hubby, than you know my man loves blue. 95% of all his clothes are blue, when he wears any other color people start to talk. It just isn't normal to see him not have something blue on. Don't get me wrong, his blue eyes do look pretty sweet with baby blue and Kentucky blue. Yes, Kentucky is a shade of blue. If you know anything about Kentucky, it has it's own color.

I don't know which came first, his like for the color blue, his love for UK basketball or his love for the Dodgers. I'm guessing it had a bit to do with his daddy's love for Kentucky and the Dodgers. These things run deeper than just choosing your sports team based on color or convenience, it's about tradition and what comes naturally.
Kentucky fans say they bleed blue. Joe wears blue, bleeds blue, and lately his tongue has been very blue. That's all the man can talk about for the past 48 hours. Don't get me wrong, he can talk about Kentucky 'til he's blue in the face any day, or more like 'til I'm blue in the face.
What's got him talking? It's all about who will be UK's new basketball head coach. The firing of Coach Billy Clyde Gillispie has him more excited than ants at a picnic. His hopes are high. Possibly higher than they were 2 years ago, when UK Coach Tubby Smith resigned. Joe can't help but hope that Florida's Billy Donovan will take the job this time. Or will it be the former UK player, Kentucky boy, Travis Ford? And then there's John Pelphrey, another deep rooted, blue blooded, Kentucky all star. See that's what "we" need, a Kentucky boy who knows what "we" want, bleeds blue and wants to win as bad as "us". Or will it be Kentucky's former leader to the 1996 NCAA Championship, Rick Pitino. There are pros and cons, so much to critique and so much say about it all.

Of course, I am just giving you the overview of what I've heard him say. I can't give his arguments their full justice, it would take forever, but you get the picture.

Like I've mentioned before, I married a UK fan. Sure, I knew there was a basketball team from UK that won some NCAA championships, but beyond that I could've cared less. Since I met Joe, I've been working on my mad Kentucky knowledge. There's really only 2 options, either listen to the man talk and be educated or be completely annoyed by it. I make it sound like I've had to work really hard at loving this about Joe, but it's just part of him and I do love all of him.

All this to say, when there's Big Blue stuff to talk about, I'll do in a pinch. I can listen and comprehend what he's saying, but I just don't bleed blue. For the real conversations he has to call multiple guy friends.

Last night, he was up late obsessing and assessing the situation with his UK die hard equal, Glenn. I had left my cell phone in the car and went out barefooted, in the dark, rainy night to dig it out of my purse. As I stepped out the door, I remembered the earthworms Bethany had seen on her way in the house earlier. She wanted to bring him inside and keep him forever. I briefly considered puting on shoes but decided to risk it. I lightly ran down the wet steps and down the sidewalk, every step thinking, "No worms, no worms!!" I reached the car, retrieved my phone and turned to go back to the house. First step away from the car... heel squished a cold slimy WORM!!!! And I SCREAMED so loud my echo bounced back from the neighbors houses.

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe, Joe would think someone was trying to abduct me or harm me. I watched the door to see if he would come running to my, not at the door yet,, still no sign of him,...nope, he definitely wasn't coming. I walked into the door to see him sitting on the couch, making his argument about some thing, about somebody, all about UK.

I interrupted him and asked if he heard me scream, he HAD to have heard me scream! He said, that he did, and asked me what that was about. Of course, when I said that I'd stepped on a worm he only shook his head at me. I told him I couldn't believe he didn't come check on me. By the time he became suspicious, I could've been gone miles away!!

2 HOURS LATER, he got off the phone, me being a woman, we had to talk about it. He reassured me that I am his best friend, and he loves me SO much. To which I replied, "Yeah, but you wouldn't save me if I was being harmed. Who would you save Joe? Jodi Meeks? Billy Donovan? Not your best friend!!"

We were joking but I was a bit let down by his lack of concern. It just goes to show, Kentucky is always ranked #1 at our house. OR maybe, I just need to stop screaming over harmless things like earthworms.



random blogger said...

what do you think about Sean Miller? he wears blue up here in Cincinnati (Xavier U.)

Miranda said...

Joe doesn't know enough about him. Fill us in!

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

Too funny. love your story. Jeff is blue fan as well and is interested to see who the new coach is. i love the story of joe not protecting you from the earthworm. your reaction of not being "rescued" or at least checked on sounds like the same as mine would have been. hope to see you all at easter.