Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building it right

First, my safety minded engineer and I, gathered all our necessary equipment, boxes, tape, markers and a box cutter.
As I cut and taped, the crew designed and decorated the exterior.

This little crackerjack, did our first inspection. We met her playful standards.

The workers were getting impatient with mommy tired from all their laboring.
But it all paid off in the end.
Even if Bethany didn't get her REAL doorbell and Joseph didn't get his basement.
It has a front and side door, a mail slot, 2 rooms and even has sky lights.

They look pretty happy with their playhouse, wouldn't you agree?

Now if this, seems like far too much fun on a Thursday morning, requiring to much bonding time with the kids, than maybe you'd like to just buy your kids a box house. Land of Nod did sell this kinda thing, a complete kit including markers, tape, decorations, and a pre-made box.

All for just $89.00

Yeah, you read that right, not $8.90, $89.00!!

I had to laugh when I saw this in their catalog a few months ago. Do people really spend that kinda money on a cardboard box? I do love looking at Land of Nod's catalog, but have yet to find anything I can bear to spend my money on so frivolously. This one takes the cake though.
When I posted this picture of Land of Nod's box house, I realized Bethany had chosen the same house number as theirs. The girl has good taste I suppose.

Picture from Land of Nod


Run DMT said...

I am so jealous of the fun you all had with your boxes. That's like a baby's dream come true, isn't it? It's obvious that your kids had such a blast!

There is NO WAY I would pay $89. PULEEZE!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Swing by again soon!

Mamma said...

I'm impressed! Great job kids. All 4 of you!
That is one deluxe cardboard house. Quite a crew there. I can already hear/see those imaginations going...

Mamma said...

I just noticed the little lefty in the pictures.

Bonnie said...

This is wonderful!

Cardboard boxes are a hit around here too and we have made everythign from a boat to a pirate ship, coyote blind (dont' ask) etc.

You did a GREAT job.

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

love the deluxe version you made. It would probably go for $180 at land of nod. I love getting the catolog too but like you have purchsed nothing. Hayden loves his cardboard house that his pawpaw made him and it does have a light switch but doesn't work. Hayden could care less. Was noticing the little kitchen in the background. Where did you get it?

Miranda said...

The kitchen is from Step2. We bought it at Toys R Us when Bethany was 2. It's one of those toys that I can't imagine getting rid of ever, because we paid full price for it and it's great quality. Thankfully, Jenna will love it as much as Joseph and Bethany do.

Melinda said...

Awesome job! I know what you mean about Land of Nod and some other similar companies. The stuff is cute but way overpriced.