Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Habits of a forgetful, toe stubbing mommy

Proverbs 8:8
All the words of my mouth are just;
none of them is crooked or perverse.

What is it about the words that come out of my mouth at moments like; I forgot my cell phone, or I left my wedding and engagement rings on the dresser and I'm running errands, or I drop an egg on the floor, or I bend back a nail or, well, you get the picture....

They fly out before I even think about what I'm going to say. These words aren't jaw dropping or terribly distasteful. It hasn't ever bothered me when other people say them, until I heard my 3 and 4 year old say them. And trust me, I am sure they didn't pick their slang up from anyone else but me, and well, I gotta throw Joe under the bus with me.

I'm talking about...



dang it

and brace yourself...



This problem has been going on for some time. Over 2 years ago, Bethany being only 2 and a half, said "Oh my gosh." I remember telling her we don't say that but that she could say, "Oh, my goodness." Not even a week or two later, she was trying to move her play kitchen and said, "Crap, crap!!" When I corrected her and said, "Bethany we don't say that word." she said, "We say 'Oh, my goodness.'" I said, "Yes, you can say that, but we don't say crap." She very seriously said, "ONLY Mommy and Daddy say that word!" Of course, I told her we aren't' supposed to say it either.

So here we are all this time later and I'm still trying to retrain my mouth. I forgot something in the house on Sunday and said, "Crap!" And out of the back seat, we hear Joseph say as frustrated as I had, "Crap!" I told him, that's not a very nice word and Mommy isn't going to say it either. I also felt it was necessary to ask Bethany and he to correct me when I say it from now on.

My kids know me so well, that even if I said, "Oh, no!!" in place of my usual expressions, they judge from my tone that I wasn't supposed to say that. So I've been receiving some incorrect scolding, but that's deserved.

What about you? Do you find these and other words offensive for you and your kids? If you don't have kids old enough to say these things how do you think you will feel about it?


Kristen & Cliff said...

Yes, I do find them at least vaguely offensive. Our philosophy is this... "Would you want a 2 year to say...." If the answer is no, we try and not say it. Our list of words to avoid are things like dumb, hate, stupid, fat, and all the ones you mentioned.

MIRANDA said...

I agree with what you've added. It's easier for me to be conscious about saying words like idiot, fat, stupid etc. It's that things I say without thinking.

Kristen & Cliff said...

It is HARD to do!!!! Our girls know most of those words but since we don't use them it has not been too big of a deal... yet. =)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Too funny that we posted about the very same thing today! "Darn it" seemed so innocent until Livvie repeated it!