Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quote of the day

"Mommy, you know what Mamma's tortiwwa maker says?
It says, in a high pitch voice
'Get me outta here!!'
She howds down da handle
and it says,
again in a high pitch voice 'Get me outta here!!' "


Carrie said...

That is soooo funny and random! When was the last time he saw Mom make "tortwwas" ?

Miranda said...

I thought it was pretty random too! I was going to ask Mom, I thought maybe I missed something.
He is really missing Mom. He woke up last night crying for her.

Mom said...

I miss Jophie too. Hopefully soon I can get one of those special hugs!!! It always makes life better! Miss Bethy and Jenna too.
Miss you and Joe too! Makes me feel like crying. Just let me think on those hugsright now, AWW
that brings a smile. That feels better :)