Monday, April 6, 2009

Time changes things, just a bit

I have always found the saying, "The way to a mans heart, is through his stomach." to be so true. If I want Joe to feel extra loved, all I need to do is cook him a yummy meal of something a bit more time consuming than usual, with a huge side of mashed potatoes.
Today being our engagement anniversary, I went a little extra and cooked Beef Stroganoff, Broccoli and Cheese, with you guessed it, an extra huge helping of Mashed Potatoes. I set the table a tiny bit nicer than usual, but still with our colorful, child friendly plastic dishes. I lit a few candles and we enjoyed our celebration dinner.

Beside me sat a little girl with a gigantically over sized bib. Her nose ran and her pink eye watered. She made cute sounds throughout out our supper. Every now and then, she grunted her impatient call for another bite of mashed potatoes.
Across the table sat another little girl and a little boy. Both had drippy noses, and wore their pj's from last night. The little boy entertained us with his "trick", showing us how a dog drinks, lapping his tea out of his cup. Then we talked about his new favorite word, Banger. He randomly blurts it out, and starts and ends words or phrases with it. E.G. One day last week, Joe was playing Drive-thru with him and Bethany. When Joseph ordered he said, "I'll take a cheeseburger, and a chocwit milkshake, and uh, BANGER, BANGER, BANGER!!!" He made it up, I just did a search on the internet to make sure it didn't mean something horrible. Surprisingly it is a word, and the definition is kinda funny.

Quite the romantic happy, celebration of our past 6 years.