Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tired of waiting

Joseph and Bethany both love to hide right before bedtime. Usually it's under their covers or bed. I honestly, get kinda tired of this routine, it's so predictable. But I go along with it and act like I have no idea where they could possibly be.
A couple nights ago, I put Bethany and Jenna to bed. I peeked in Joseph's room and he was scrambling under his bed. I told him I'd send Joe up to find him. I came downstairs mentioned something to Joe about going to tuck Joseph in and then I went on to prepare things for church the next day.
Joe and I talked and watched TV until an hour or more after I'd put the girls to bed. On the way down the hall, I noticed Joseph's door was open. His door is NEVER open. I started to just close the door and go on to bed, then I realized that neither of us had come up to say good night. We turned on a, Joseph wasn't in his bed. Joe lifted up his Thomas bedding and sure enough, he was sound asleep under his bed.


The Rutledges said...


Love this story it sounds all too familiar! Kids are such a gift, trouble at times but a ton of fun! Joe had contacted us through FB and heard you were going to church in TN. Man, what a drive for you guys! Maybe we could find a park near your church and hang out one Sunday afternoon. We actually go to church on Saturday night, something a little different that our church offers. You guys are more than welcome to come to our house if you wanted to drive that much farther. We are somewhere around an hour from the Hendersonville area. I'd love to talk to you about Home Schooling as well. It's great but has it's challenges. Rusty and I thought VERY highly of Joe at Asbury, you married well! Hope we get to meet!

Take care,

shiningimagephoto said...

That HAS to be one of the cutest stories of Joseph that you have bloged about!!! Poor guy, waiting and waiting only not to have you come. I was laughing. Have fun in the rain tomorrow!!!