Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Blessing

Tonight I celebrated my 27th birthday a little early with my family. Joseph and Bethany made me this pretty banner, with a little help from my mom and sister.

My mom has always made our birthdays special. When I lived at home, we made our own birthday cake or desert, which all of us siblings thought was really neat. We got a gift, and to this day, still get to pick our birthday meal. It was our special day.

It means alot to me that even still, my mom is making my birthday special and instilling these neat traditions in my children. I pulled up to my parent's house and saw this colorful, banner hanging across the porch. A girl in pink, was excitedly skipping across the yard, to peek through the porch rails and eagerly waiting to see my face. As I opened the car door, Jophie whipped around the car, blue paint was smeared down his forearm, and he exclaimed, "SURPRISE!!"

There are days, in this motherhood journey, where I feel like no one understands. The joys and the sacrifices, the endless task and the constant demands, feeling so fulfilled and yet so lost. I am blessed to have a mother cheering me on and eager to help me.
In being a mother, my gratitude grows, my understanding expands, and all I can say is, thank you Mom for all the memories, the love, the training, and the sacrifices you made. I know, I understand, all the days you thought no one saw your selflessness, no one knew your sleepless nights, your drained soul, well, now I know and I thank you forever. Your love and dedication were not in vain, it is not forgotten.

May 2, 1982 I was born into this world. You have loved me and cared for me. You taught me and trained me. I am the mother I am because of you. I am so thankful for another year to share my birthday with the amazing woman who gave birth to me. I Love You Mom!!


Mom said...

Thank you Miranda, It is times like this, that makes it ALL worth it.
As a Mom the blessings just continue way beyond the sleepless nights ....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 6lb.13ounces of joy!
I love you :) Have a great birthday

Devon said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the picture of you all. :)