Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little reminder, BiG love

So, maybe I should stop multitasking my devotions with my daily bath time...

I had been wanting to do a study on the names of God, but as most things in this motherhood madness, it's been passing me by. I've been programmed to deal with what must be accomplished in this moment. I didn't say it out loud, or put it on my To Do list. It wasn't urgent, no one was nagging me, whining or screaming at me to go out and buy a book or do an Internet search, so I never got to it. Honestly, I had pretty much forgotten about it.

Well, I guess God knew I needed a bit of assistance, and that reminding me wouldn't help me. Him being The Great Provider, and Supplier of All my needs, arranged for me to receive a copy of this little paperback book. A free copy, from an usher at church on Sunday.
When I opened it up today, I had to smile, as I know, He did as well.

He has His ways of getting to me, nothing stops Him.

It really brought a ray of sunshine and warmed my heart to know that God knew and remembered a brief thought among so many random, disheveled thoughts.

Of course, He knows all, remembers all, and provides all...but it's the fact that He did it for me. He gave me a tangible gift because He loves me, and because He wanted me to know, exactly how He feels about me.

He did it so gently, no screaming or nagging.

Resting Place

My people hath been lost sheep:
their shepherds have caused them to go astray,
they have turned them away to the mountains:
they have gone from mountain to hill,
they have forgotten their resting place.
Jeremiah 50:6

Truly there is rest for the weary, for Jesus is "OUR RESTING PLACE." Therefore, in the midst of the toil and the weariness, in the midst of the struggle and strife, let us ask that our ears may be opened to hear Him who said, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." To abide in Him in continuous love and obedient faith is to find Him "OUR RESTING PLACE."
~Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord


Mom said...

HE is so Good! What a comfort to know I have a Everlasting Father to provide for, love and encourage my children. I can REST secure. You are in good hands. Love you, Mom

Bonnie said...

I love those little AHA moments when your just going about your day and it hits you that God is here...HE IS HERE, right beside you. I think we forget that alot.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

To do lists can be the very bain of my existence. Wonderful to read about how are taking time for what's important during "motherhood madness."

I have to tell you that when I saw Sara pick your We Heart Art post out as one of her favorites, I quickly ran over to your spot in the blogosphere.

I loved your little one's artistic endeavors too. Oh, and your "what's on the refrigerator" pics in your sidebar are fantastic...what a great title for that spot!

Thanks for playing along with our We Heart Art carnival!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a true statement...I love when those "ahh" moments come from God!