Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Waiting for a new day

Psalm 37:3
Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

This day was not without some drama, no day around here is without drama but this one had some extra. I gotta say, I'll take our ordinary drama any day over the excitement we had today.
First, Jenna was crying after waking up from her morning nap and I, as much as I hate to admit it, didn't run to get her up right away. I wanted to get that last load of laundry, of the day, folded. No I'm not lying, I actually caught up on the laundry, that only happens about 3 times a year.
When I opened Jenna's room I felt awful. She was laying on her belly with one leg sticking out of the crib, stuck between the crib rails. I mean stuck, not budging. Her poor little thigh was wedged so tight I couldn't move it. I suddenly, had visions of calling my dad over with his chainsaw to free her. I had Bethany come stand next to her bed and talk to her, while I rushed to find some lotion. To my surprise, it worked and I apologetically scooped my red legged girl up. She is fine, I'm hoping this won't happen again.

Then, while I was tucking Joseph in for his nap, we were doing our regular bedtime routine where I kiss his cheek and he laughs, then I say, "Who's sugar boy are you?" and he says, "I's your sugar boy Mommy!" at which he erupts in another round of laughter. Oh, how I love that sweet boy, and dread the day he'll be too big to be my sugar boy... He turned his head and I saw something black in his ear. It was a tick! Our first one of the year, apparently they are really heavy this year.
I was worried how Joseph would react when I told him he had a bug in his ear but he did pretty good. Bethany stood by his bed and talked him through it, like she knew all about "flicks". He laid still and hugged his Curious George while I pulled the tick out with tweezers. In his own words, Joseph was, "Bery brave." I was very thankful that is went so well, I wouldn't have been the least surprised if he had flipped out and we had to wait until Joe came home to help restrain him.

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Mamma said...

Mamma is so proud of you Joseph, for being "berry brave"