Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good genes

Joe's grandma turned 90 years old today. What a blessing to be able to celebrate such a lady, in great health.

It's all starting to set in, the realization that I am having surgery on Tuesday. I had my pre-admission appointment today with the hospital staff. In ways it was calming to get answers and know what to expect, but it was also really weird sitting in the waiting room, where my family will sit for several hours waiting for me to be okay.
Like I've blogged before, every time I've spent time in the hospital has resulted in a beautiful baby, that's not happening this time. Although, I must mention...
Due to an expected visitor not visiting on time, or at all, as of yet, I had labs drawn for a pregnancy test today. What a crazy feeling that was, knowing I am this close but might have to call everything off for a huge {life changing} change of plans. Thankfully, the nurse called about 45 minutes later to let me know it was negative and that all's a go for Tuesday. Just think what this blog post might have been?!! I wasn't too worried, but you know with me it's always possible, I feel like things are just off a bit from weaning Jenna. {Which, by the way, is still a work in progress. She is very aggressive and beats my chest, when I won't nurse her. Funny and sadly pitiful all at once, might as well laugh about it.}
Speaking of our "Booger" she is still working on her 2 front teeth. We've been waiting for quite some time. Her 2 teeth, next to her 2 front teeth, came in months ago and are starting to show up when she smiles really big. She is starting to remind me of our 8 year old nephew who recently lost his 2 front teeth.
Summer is flying past, I feel like I don't blog as much as I'd like. I think I'm just too tired to put it all into words.


Booklover1212 said...

Miranda -

Putting you on my prayer list for your surgery. I hope & pray that all goes well!

~ Jennifer

mummyof5monsters said...

thinking (and praying) of you, hope all goes well, xxx

Amanda Brady said...

Praying for you!! Let us know if you need anything.